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Moving company Värmdö

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A move is a big and heavy process with many different steps before everything is in place at the next address. Especially if the move is to a smaller home, there is a lot to be sorted, perhaps recycled or thrown away. It must also be packed, carried and transported, which requires a lot of energy. Let us facilitate all this for you. Please contact us for a discussion and a good arrangement.

Now with the RUT deduction, it’s really affordable to hire a moving company for all or some of the steps required before everything is in place in your new home. The RUT deduction of today reduces the cost of the move by about 50% and it is the Swedish Tax Agency that administers this together with us who submit the application. Please contact us to find out more.

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Relocation assistance for individuals

Moving company Värmdö

Welcome to a serious moving company on Värmdö. We can help you with your move in the local area or if you wish to move further afield or even abroad. As an established and serious moving company, we have the resources needed to offer everything in moving. We will help you with a small or a big move – flexibility is our motto!

A small move can be as simple as helping you with anything heavy or awkward, such as a heavy table or cabinet. A big move, on the other hand, can mean that we help you with all the steps that need to be taken care of. We can help you dismantle curtains, paintings, shelves, furniture and so on. We then pack everything into easy-to-handle moving boxes so that everything is easy to carry out to the moving truck.

If you need help at certain times, that’s no problem as we often work from early morning to late evening. To further assist you in the best possible way, we can also be available on weekends and public holidays.

You are welcome to contact us for a conversation or a quote. You can contact us in different ways, such as via a quote form, chat, phone or email. You can also now get an immediate price indication by trying our price calculator here on the website, which you can find under the “Other” tab and then “Prices”. You will receive the price as soon as you fill in your details and click on calculate price. A warm welcome to us!

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Moving company Värmdö


Removal, transportation and carrying services for businesses

Business relocation

We also extend a warm welcome to all companies, municipalities and regions, associations and other organizations – we can help in many different ways. Maybe you need help with moving your business, carrying a load, picking up a package, or whatever. We are adaptable and are happy to be available at the times that are most convenient for you, whether it is in the morning, during the day, in the evening or at the weekend.

You are welcome to contact us, whether it is a temporary need or a longer-term cooperation.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Värmdö

Business relocation

Safe, reliable and affordable

Our ambition is always to do our jobs to the best of our ability so that everyone is satisfied, which makes everything so much easier and more enjoyable. Satisfied customers, in turn, often lead to more customers through good reviews and recommendations. In addition to doing our jobs well, it is important that our prices are at the right level so that you don’t have to ask another moving company for the price. We constantly review our prices to make sure they are at the right level. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a price and we will of course look into it. However, the price is not always the most important thing, but the service you receive so that the moving experience is pleasant. It is also important to compare what is included in the offer or arrangement itself.

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The nice RUT deduction also makes moving even more of a pleasant experience as about 50% of the cost of the move itself is deducted by the Swedish Tax Agency. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss an arrangement, a price, a quote, what is included in the RUT deduction and so on.

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50 %

We have all the necessary permits and insurance.

When we take care of your belongings or furniture, we are always careful to avoid accidents. We cover up with protective plasters, quilts, blankets and also use other tools to provide the best possible protection. We also pack everything on the moving truck in a good way so that the load is stable when we transport it to the next address. Of course, we also drive carefully to further prevent unnecessary damage.

Even though we are very careful, an accident or an injury can still happen. Of course, any damage caused by us will be compensated by us or by our insurance company. In addition, we have all the other documents in order such as the commercial vehicle license.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Värmdö


The map of Värmdö you probably recognize 😀 As a serious and smooth moving company, we help you with whatever you want. A long-distance move or a local move, no problem. We also often help with transportation and carrying services.