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It’s nice not to have to clean yourself, let us at Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB make your life easier!

We offer services such as home cleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, stair cleaning and construction cleaning.

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Why Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen?

We at Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen are an experienced and committed cleaning and moving company that always puts you as a customer in focus. We want you as a customer to be satisfied with us and therefore do our utmost to deliver quality cleaning services when you choose us as your cleaning company! We are the cleaning company for those who want to arrive at a clean and tidy home, office or business.

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Quality guarantee

As we are professionals at what we do and therefore know exactly what we are doing, we always have a quality guarantee. It is very important to us that you as our customer feel safe during the assignment when you hire us. Our guarantee to you means that if something goes wrong, we will of course fix it as soon as possible.

Trained staff

Our staff has the necessary training in material knowledge, furniture care, use of cleaning products and special agents, which is important for your and our safety.

Liability insurance

Of course, we have insurance to cover any damage to your property or equipment should we be the cause – up to 10 million euros. In other words, your belongings are always insured and you get 100% compensation in case of any accident or damage.

Move-out cleaning
By entrusting the cleaning to us, we guarantee excellent work and an approved inspection at the end of the job. If you buy both moving and cleaning from us, we can offer you a good overall solution that includes good time management.

Move-out cleaning

Emptying of estate
We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cleaning up estates. If you also hire us for a possible emptying, we can guarantee that we can give you a good offer and a good arrangement.

Emptying of estate

Window cleaning
If you need help with window cleaning in your home, office or perhaps in your shop, you are welcome to contact us. We help all over Mälardalen and promise shiny clean windows!

Window cleaning

Office cleaning
We are happy to help you with the cleaning of your office on occasion or if you would rather book a longer arrangement where we come to you at regular intervals according to your wishes.

Office cleaning

Home cleaning
If your life is not quite right, or if you don’t have the energy, we are happy to help you clean your home. In this case, you can book individual sessions or a longer arrangement.

Stair cleaning
We offer stair cleaning and other tasks that may be relevant for a real estate company or a housing association, for example. If you have other requests such as gardening or snow shoveling, we are happy to take on these services.

Building cleaning
We can help with cleaning during the construction period at regular or occasional intervals. The final cleaning of the building before moving in is also something we are happy to undertake, as is the cleaning of the shed. Please contact us for a quote.

Large-scale cleaning
If you need help with a proper deep cleaning of your home, feel free to contact us. For example, it could be a big clean before Christmas, before another holiday or whenever you wish.

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