In response to the Corona virus


We take the ongoing pandemic very seriously!
To protect our customers and employees, we follow a strict policy,
which means, among other things, that our employees stay at home at the slightest symptom.

For any other questions about how we are dealing with this pandemic, please contact us.

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We have taken several measures in addition to those recommended by the public health authorities.

* We reduce customer visits to our office.
* Customer service agents answer all questions for customers and business partners by phone.
* Our staff use face masks and gloves when on assignment
* We also advise our customers to take responsibility for stopping the spread of COVID-19.
* Staff always have hand sanitizer and never shake hands.
* Staff avoid meeting the customer as much as possible.
* Staff avoid using any of the customer’s items such as toilets and water taps.

Advice to protect yourself and others against the Corona virus – How we deal with Corona

1. Wash your hands properly
2. Avoid touching your face and be careful not to touch things when you’re out.
3. Always keep a distance between you and others
4. Staying at home if you feel ill

The situation looks much better now and it seems that it is starting to drop at a fast pace. Restrictions are starting to ease but it is still important to follow the general advice of the health authorities to get rid of this once and for all. With a high number of people vaccinated in Sweden (over 3 million), while many have been infected, it seems that we are starting to get a good grip on the situation.