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Move-out cleaning doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Let us help you with the heavy duty cleaning in Västerås. We provide a quality guarantee on all the cleaning jobs we undertake. Solid and trained staff.

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50% reduction in labor costs

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So what exactly is included in a move-out cleaning?

Everything is included that makes the move cleanup successful! Below we list some of the elements involved in different parts of the home.

  • The floors are vacuumed and wet wiped with detergents that the floor surface can withstand. Painted surfaces, skirting boards and window frames are thoroughly cleaned both inside and out.
  • Blinds
  • Elements/radiators are washed clean, also on the back side.
  • Doors, linings, wardrobes and other shelves and, where there are sliding doors in the dwelling, are cleaned, both around and above.

The windows are washed inside, outside and between the panes where the windows are of such a nature that they can be divided.

Frames, linings and window sills are also cleaned.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that usually require the most effort. This is where we do the bulk of our move-out cleaning. The points below mention some of the tasks that must be carried out in the kitchen. The removal of the kitchen will be approved in accordance with all the rules of the art.

  • Surfaces such as tiles are cleaned.
  • All drawers, cabinets, appliances and shelves are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Refrigerator and freezer, both inside, outside and underneath.
  • The stove is pulled forward and cleaned on the sides, the wall and floor behind it, and the cooking and frying plates.
  • The inside of the oven is cleaned, as well as its plates and any grids.
  • The cooker hood and its filter are dismantled and cleaned.
  • The floor is vacuumed and then wet-dried. We adapt the agent according to what the floor surface can withstand.
  • Tiles and tiles are washed spotless, even floor drains are cleared and washed clean.
  • Bathtubs are pulled out and cleaned behind, under and on all sides. Sink/commode, toilet and bathroom cabinets with or without mirrors and shelves are cleaned.
  • The floor is vacuumed and then wet-dried.

The home before the move

In order for us to be able to clean thoroughly and efficiently, certain things need to be fulfilled before we arrive on the day of cleaning.

  • The dwelling must be empty of objects and furniture. Also paintings and ceiling lights that are not to remain in the home after the move.
  • Freezers are defrosted well in advance of the arrival of cleaning staff.
  • The stove needs to be cold and not used shortly before the cleaning staff arrives.

Move-out cleaning for private individuals

Move-out cleaning Västerås price

If you’ve ever moved house, you know it’s quite time-consuming and physically demanding. If you are not an experienced cleaner who has cleaned before, it can take a whole day or more before the cleaning is done and even then, the landlord or those who will move in after you can point out deficiencies, which means that you have to fix the points that were deficient until the cleaning is fully approved.

We think you should definitely leave this step to affordable professionals who work on a daily basis and who actually love their job.

Yes, but what does it cost? Isn’t it expensive?
No, there doesn’t really need to be a big vacuum in the wallet, partly because we put pressure on prices for competitive purposes, but also with the help of the so-called box deduction, which halves the cost of labor.

Contact us in any way you like and get a free quote so you can think about whether you should hire us or do the job yourself :).

If you are looking for a moving company in Västerås, we can also help you with your move!

A warm welcome to us at Flytt & Städfix in Västerås!

Cleaning services for businesses

Office Move-out cleaning in Västerås

When you move from your old office, the office will probably need to be cleaned before the next company takes over. We also provide these types of services to entrepreneurs.

Of course, we also offer other cleaning services if you have a need.

Our key words are high service, affordable and flexible – we are passionate about good service and our top priority is your 100% satisfaction. Partly because it feels good for both parties, but also because you may become a repeat customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any cleaning needs.

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Move-out cleaning for companies in Västerås

50% RUT

So we’ve mentioned a bit about the box deduction above, but it may seem like a difficult process for you as a customer where you may think you have to apply for this deduction via the Swedish Tax Agency.

But that’s not the case, we take care of the box deduction for you and what you pay will be the cost after the box deduction – done and dusted.

If you have any questions about the box deduction, please feel free to contact us.
You can also find out more about the box deduction from the tax authorities.

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Always insured

Our staff as well as the company are well insured on missions.

This insurance is partly a security for us as a company but more than that, a security for you as a customer.

Insurance is not there to allow us to be reckless. An accident that happens that causes damage to your home during a move-out cleaning will of course give us a bad reputation, which we want to avoid as much as possible.

The purpose of the insurance is to ensure that you are covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Accidents happen very rarely, but when they do, we promise to take responsibility!