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Why should you choose our moving company?

Quality guarantee

As a moving company, we are professionals at what we do and because we know exactly what we do, we always have a quality guarantee. It is very important to us that you as our customer feel safe during the assignment when you hire us. Our guarantee to you means that if something goes wrong, we will of course fix it as soon as possible.

Trained staff

Our staff have the necessary training in material knowledge, furniture care and the use of various products and tailgate lifts, which is important for both you and our safety. Of course, we have a traffic permit, so you should feel safe using us!

Liability insurance

Of course, our moving company has insurance to cover any damage to your property or inventory should we be the cause – up to 10 million euros. In other words, your belongings are always insured and you get 100% compensation in case of an accident.

What is included?

Removal assistance is included as standard!
* Transportation from the old residence to the new residence
* Carrying assistance – we carry your belongings out and we carry them in.
* Necessary protection of your belongings, such as blankets and straps.
* Help with easier dismantling and assembly

Supplements, extra services

Moving boxes
You can borrow or buy moving boxes from us with delivery to your door and collection when you are done with them.

You can of course get help with both packing and unpacking if you wish. We are responsible for ensuring that your belongings are packed carefully and safely, and we are also responsible for any damage during the move. All materials are included when you choose to book packing with us.

We also help you transport the items you want to get rid of to the recycling center.

If you would like help with other elements in addition to what we have mentioned here, you are of course welcome to ask us, whatever it is. Examples of common services include our moving company helping to put up curtains at the new address, hanging pictures, installing ceiling lights, etc.

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