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Welcome to our moving company Portugal

As an established and experienced moving moving company, we know how to handle a move within our country or abroad to ensure the best possible outcome. Whatever your moving and transportation needs are, we can help you with these services, for example between our country and Portugal. Feel free to contact us for a quote or if you just have a question that you want an answer to. We are interested in all kinds of moving jobs, large and small.

An extensive move, for example from Portugal or to Portugal, may mean that we help you with all aspects of the move such as sorting, packing, recycling, carrying, transporting, moving and so on. When we arrive at the final station, we can also help with various services such as assembly, setting up, etc. A small move may instead involve transporting a chest of drawers or something else from or to Portugal.

With the current RUT deduction, hiring a professional removals moving company to move between our country and Portugal is affordable and very good value for money. The RUT deduction allows a deduction of SEK 75,000 per person per year and if there are two people in the household, this means a deduction of SEK 150,000.

We take care of the contact with the tax authorities and administer the deduction together with them. If there are any questions about the RUT deduction, just contact us and we will answer them. An important requirement is that the move or transport takes place between homes where the person lives part-time or full-time. Then, of course, an income is required so that there is something to deduct against.

As a moving company in Portugal, we naturally have all the documents in order such as various insurances and professional traffic permits – all for a serious moving business. Our moving company offers you a safe and secure moving experience.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Portugal

Our ambition and goal is always that our customers are completely satisfied after a move with us. We therefore work intensively on quality, service and keeping our moving prices at a reasonable level.

When we move or transport, we take the best possible care of your furniture or belongings. We have various straps, protective plastics, quilts, blankets and so on. On the moving truck, we pack everything well so that the load is stable and secure when we leave – all to avoid damage. Of course, when we drive the van, we drive safely so that we further avoid any damage.

Despite all precautions, something unforeseen can still happen, even if it is very rare. In such rare cases, we or our insurance company will compensate for such damage.

In addition to moving services for private individuals, we also regularly drive for various companies. This may involve various removals or transportation abroad, such as to or from Portugal. We always try to be as flexible as we can, which may mean running on weekends, nights and holidays to make things easier for our customers. Of course, we always adhere to the regulations in place, such as those on daily rest.

We look forward to getting in touch and are interested in large and small removals as well as one-off or long-term collaborations.

Welcome to Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB.
Moving company Portugal