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Pensioner discount and student discount 10%.
RUT deduction 50


(Prices after RUT deduction)

If the cleaning is not sufficiently done, we will come out and fix it until the cleaning is approved.

Included in the move-out cleaning!
All rooms with windows, moldings, doors wardrobes, radiators, walls, lamps and floors.

Full kitchen such as fridge, freezer, stove, plates, fan and dishwasher.

Bathroom and toilet such as shower, bath, sink, toilet seat, washing machine and dryer.

00-30 m² – 1200kr
31-50 m² – 2030kr
51-60 m² – 2430kr
61-80 m² – 2750kr
81-99 m² – 3050kr

100-110 m² – 3100 kr
111-120 m² – 3300 kr
121-130 m² – 3500 kr
131-140 m² – 3700 kr
141-150 m² – 3900 kr
151-160 m² – 4100 kr
161-170 m² – 4300 kr
171-180 m² – 4550 kr
181-190 m² – 4750 kr

Glazed balcony 550kr
Dishwasher/washing machine 100kr


(Prices after RUT deduction)

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2 persons 1 Car – 599kr/h
3 persons 1 Car – 849kr/h
4 Persons 2 Cars – 1199kr/h
Piano moving – from 2 999kr

Hire a removal van with driver
1 person 1 car – 495 kr/hour

You can also buy or borrow moving boxes if necessary.

Removal assistance is included as standard!

Transportation from the old to the new residence.

Carrying assistance, where we carry out and carry in your belongings.

Protect your belongings with blankets, straps and overlays.

Help with light dismantling and assembly.


(Prices after RUT deduction)

1 person 345kr/h
2 persons 599kr/h
Packing material 15kr/Sqm (not square)

You can also buy or borrow moving boxes if needed.

If you are looking for moving supplies, you can easily turn to us. We sell packing paper/shredding and moving boxes. We can buy back the boxes after the move at an agreed price.

Other prices

Administration fee: 50kr
Driving time/working time 1 person 329kr
Liability insurance / Carrier 1 car: 459kr
Transportation cost/car: 5kr/km
Transportation cost/rental car: 3kr/km

Satisfied customer guarantee for 10 days
Liability and accident insurance with Trygg-Hansa

Do you want a fixed price?
Call us or request a quote and we will find a good solution