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Welcome to our moving company in Spain

As an established and experienced moving moving company, we offer all kinds of relocation assistance services, whether it is a move within our country or abroad. For example, if you want to move/transport something between our country and Spain, we have the knowledge and resources required to carry out such a move in the best possible way. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your move, a price quote or if you have any other questions. For our moving company in Spain, every job is of interest, whether it is a small move or a large one.

A big move, to Spain or from Spain, might involve us helping you sort, dismantle, recycle, pack, carry and transport and so on. When we arrive at the destination of the move, we can also help with various services such as setting up everything. A small move can mean that we only move something simple such as a heavy piece of furniture or something else that you want help with.

It is now very affordable to hire professionals to help with a move or transportation, given the favorable RUT deduction through the Swedish Tax Agency. The deduction that can be used is SEK 75,000 per year for one person and if there are two people in the household, the maximum deduction is SEK 150,000. We handle the RUT deduction via the Swedish Tax Agency and if there are any questions about what applies, we are happy to answer these questions to clarify exactly how it works. An important requirement to bear in mind is that in order to be able to use the deduction, it is a requirement that it is a move between homes where the person concerned lives full-time or part-time. Then, of course, an income is required for there to be something to deduct against.

As a moving company that regularly drives between our country and Spain, we naturally have all the necessary documents such as various insurance policies and professional traffic permits. We provide a serious and safe relocation assistance or transportation service.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Spain

We are very keen that all our great customers are satisfied with us after the move or transportation is completed. That’s why we work hard on quality, service, prices and so on, which is the basis for everyone’s satisfaction.

When we carry out a moving job in Spain, for example, we take care of your furniture and belongings in the best possible way to avoid damage and other inconveniences. We have various protections such as protective patches, blankets, quilts and straps to prevent something bad from happening. When we pack everything on the moving truck, we do it in a good and safe way so that everything is stable before we can drive to the final destination. Of course, once the van is on the road, we drive in such a way as to further prevent unnecessary damage. However, despite all these precautions, the unexpected can still happen even if it is very rare. In these rare cases, we or our insurance company will cover such damage.

Our moving company not only drives for private individuals but also companies and others are of course welcome to contact us if there is a need for help with a transport or move of any kind, for example to Spain or from Spain. Flexibility is one of our keywords, which means that we are available as much as possible even on weekends and holidays if necessary.

Feel free to contact our moving company, whether it’s a one-off job or a long-term collaboration.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Spain