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Welcome to our moving company in Åland

As a seasoned moving company with extensive experience from all over our country and also abroad, we can offer you all the moving or transportation services you want if you need to move/transport something to or from Åland. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about an arrangement or if you want a quote or a price quotation.

We are interested in any moving or transportation job, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large job.

A big move, to or from Åland, may involve us helping you with all aspects of the move. We can help you sort, dismantle, pack, clear, carry, transport and so on. At the next location, we can help with everything to get you settled quickly. An example of a small move would be that we only help you with what is heavy, bulky or awkward.

It is now affordable to hire a moving moving company when moving to or from Åland, for example. The current RUT deduction is really advantageous and greatly reduces the price. We take care of the deduction via the Swedish Tax Agency and if you have any questions about it, please contact us. A requirement for the deduction is that it is between homes used as a full-time or part-time residence. It is also important that there is an income to deduct against. We will help you sort out these issues.

Our moving company in Åland naturally has all the documents in order to run a serious moving business, such as a professional traffic permit.

We offer a safe and secure move or transportation.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Åland

Our attitude is always that our customers should be satisfied with us after completing the job and we work hard on quality and service while keeping our prices at the right level.

During a move or transportation, we take the best possible care of your household goods or inventory by protecting them with blankets, quilts, protective plastics and straps. On our moving truck, we pack everything well so that no unnecessary damage occurs. When we drive the car, we drive in a calm and safe manner to further prevent any damage. Although we are always very careful, an injury can still happen. In such rare cases, we will of course compensate such damage or our insurance company will step in and compensate you.

In addition to relocation assistance to private individuals, we also undertake moving assignments to Åland or from Åland for companies, organizations and so on. To make it easier for our customers, we always try to be flexible and help in the best possible way, whether it’s having to drive on weekends and holidays. We are open to short-term or long-term collaborations.

Feel free to contact us!

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Moving company Åland