Heavy movement Eskilstuna

Do you need relocation assistance? Perhaps you have household goods consisting of heavy items and need to move them? Then you have come to the right place! We at Flytt & Städfix moving company in Eskilstuna have extensive experience and perform heavy removals for both private individuals and companies.

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Authorization to engage in commercial transport

Correcting errors detected after the move

100% compensation in case of accident

Heavy goods vehicles

Our heavy goods or heavy moving department specializes in handling heavy, awkward and bulky objects. Some examples of the jobs we do are moving safes, heavy machinery, cabinets, hot tubs and the like. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a heavy transport or if you need to move something within a short distance within a residence or premises. – We help everyone!

We also have both liability insurance and a quality guarantee. This means that our moving company has insurance that covers any damage to your property or inventory if we mismanage anything, up to 10 million euros. Your household goods are therefore always insured and 100% compensated in case of an accident. The quality guarantee is our confirmation that you as a customer should always feel safe and satisfied during the assignment you hire us for. The guarantee means that if you find something wrong, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Heavy removals Eskilstuna – at a good price

We at Flytt & Städfix carry out several assignments for customers and offer a wide variety of moving services, such as heavy lifting. We have extensive experience in carrying and transporting heavy objects, such as piano moving or grand pianos. With our help, your heavy move in Eskilstuna can be done smoothly, efficiently and much safer than if you had done this as a private individual – all this at a favorable price for you as a customer! Helping private individuals as well as companies with all kinds of moving services, not just heavy lifting, we do not only in Eskilstuna, but all over Sweden.

Moving services from Flytt & Städfix

Are you looking for help with moving services such as heavy removals, international removals, packing assistance or removal? We at Flytt & Städfix in Eskilstuna provide these services and many more! We offer a comprehensive portfolio of various moving services. We are adaptable and flexible, so that you as a customer can have your individual needs and wishes met. That’s why we work with complete solutions, which means that we help you from planning to move-out cleaning, including packing, transportation of household goods, cleaning, storage and removal if desired. In addition to this, a cooperation with us is characterized by the fact that we always initially carry out a free inspection of your furniture or goods to assess the resources we need, in terms of staff and equipment, and to provide you as a customer with an informative and comprehensive cost estimate. This way, you as a customer can always feel safe and informed from the start and make a well-informed decision.

Professional relocation assistance in Eskilstuna

Our staff at Flytt & Städfix has many years of experience in business relocation and private removals. In addition, our staff are trained in material knowledge, furniture care, tailgate lifts and the use of various products, and we always have a driving license. The three keywords that distinguish us are “Speed”, “Good prices” and “Safe” – we carry this with us in every assignment we take on. We are here to streamline your move and make the process as smooth as possible, without any potential disruption to the move or your other operations. Need relocation assistance in Eskilstuna? Then you should turn to us for both relocation assistance and many other services that can make things easier for you!

Risk-free and hassle-free heavy lifting in Eskilstuna and across Sweden

Those removals that require strength, the right tools and are characterized by a generally complex nature, we consider as heavy removals. A successful concept for these missions consists of a combination of resources and experience. Our team fully understands what a heavy move entails and knows how to navigate the job to ensure a safe, smooth and efficient move. In addition, we have access to equipment such as harnesses, machines, tools and specialized equipment that can be adapted to each individual move and need. We also have continuous contact with competent partners who can provide additional advice or equipment for an assignment we have if necessary, so our customers can always feel confident that we always perform our assignments as heavy lifting, safely and efficiently without delays or accidents.

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If you are interested in our services such as heavy lifting or other, whether as a private individual or company, we are happy to help you! Get in touch with us for further advice, or read more and send a request for a quote if you require one of our services, whether the need for carrying is long or short term, so that we can facilitate your planning. As we always strive for flexibility and 100% customer satisfaction, we also provide assistance outside regular working hours, such as evenings and weekends, to counteract disruptions to your business. Welcome to Flytt & Städfix in Eskilstuna!

Our contact details if you wish to call: 010-455 03 22, or email: moving company

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Affordable Moving company Enköping with RUT

Today it is affordable for a private person to hire a moving company as the RUT deduction is so favorable. For all RUT services, a private individual can deduct half the cost of the work. For all services within RUT and ROT, it is possible to deduct up to SEK 75,000 per year, two people in the household then means SEK 150,000, which can be distributed on both RUT and ROT. However, a normal local move costs a fraction of these amounts.

If you would like a fixed price, please fill in our larger quote form or our quick quote form. Otherwise, our hourly rates are from SEK 599 per hour including VAT, which includes two staff and a moving truck.

If you think this sounds complicated, you are welcome to contact us by other means such as by phone, email or via our chat on our website.


Insured Moving company for a safe move in Enköping, Sweden.

For us, it is important that you feel safe and secure with us, so we are careful to ensure that all documents for the business are in order, such as traffic permits via the Swedish Transport Agency, insurance via Trygg Hansa and other company documents.

Your belongings and furniture are therefore in safe hands!

Even in the unlikely event that something happens, you will be 100% compensated – safety is important to us.

Welcome to hire a group of service-oriented movers in Enköping. We know what it takes to make your move smooth and hassle-free!

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