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Safe & affordable relocation assistance in Sollentuna

Relocation assistance where you want, when you want.

Give yourself and your family a break from stress and hard work and leave the moving job to us.
We move your furniture from A to B safely and affordably.

We help you deduct 50% of the cost of the work automatically through RUT.

With good customer reviews and extensive experience through thousands of moves, we know we have what it takes.

Our insurance gives you extra peace of mind, and should an accident occur (which is rare), you will be reimbursed 100%.

We are here to stay, so it is in our best interest that you are 100% satisfied!

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Save time and money while protecting your belongings; Move with us!

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Relocation assistance Sollentuna and surroundings

Household move

We make sure you have a smooth moving experience.
As a moving company in Sollentuna, we take your furniture and other items from your old home to the new one both safely and affordably.

For high flexibility, we adapt to what suits you best, which is why we also undertake assignments at weekends.

Carrying, transportation and other relocation assistance assistance.

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Private relocation

Other services

Moving & transport & other

Whether you are a business or a private individual, you can rely on us to make your life easier.

Through quality services provided by professionals, we want to give you the best service possible.
All to free up time so you can invest your time in more important things.

Some examples from our range of services:

If you need help with something that is not listed above but can be considered a related service, you are welcome to contact us.

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Questions and answers

Below we show what is normally included when you hire us.

* Insurance
* Transportation to and from the old residence.
* Carrying assistance, where we carry out and carry in your household goods.
* Protect your household goods with blankets, straps and overlays.
* Help with light dismantling and assembly.

Additional services:

* Packing/unpacking
* Borrowing moving boxes
* Disposing of rubbish at a recycling center.
* Warehousing
* Move-out cleaning

If you include move-out cleaning in addition to the removal service, you can get an additional discounted offer.

To engage in professional traffic, you need a permit issued by the Swedish Transport Agency.

We are of course in possession of this permit.

We are insured for your peace of mind, should an accident or other event occur that results in damage to your household goods.

Should an accident occur that results in damage to your household goods, it is of course our responsibility to compensate you for the damage caused.

We therefore make sure to move your stuff in a way that prevents damage.

We will always give you a free quote.

Fixed price or hourly rate, the choice is yours. We work continuously to streamline and improve, which allows us to provide good competitive prices.


Using us does not leave a big hole in your wallet. We keep our prices low and our standards high.

Remember that as a private individual, you can deduct 50% of the cost of the work when you hire us to help you move, and we will help you take advantage of this.

You can request a quote for free, so you can think about it further before making a decision.


Insured persons

We know how to pack household goods during a move to prevent scratches/damage but accidents can still happen, even if they are rare.
That’s why we are fully insured to give you extra peace of mind.

Let us give you a good moving experience, free from stress and worries – your moving company in Sollentuna.

Protect your belongings; move with us!

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We help you in Sollentuna, but also in the surrounding areas.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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