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Efficient, serious and professional move-out cleaning in Säter

Welcome to us at Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB and our department for move-out cleaning!

As everyone knows, move-out cleaning can be very difficult to carry out as there are many different steps to go through before everything is ready to be handed over to the landlord or new owner. Instead, let us help you to have a more pleasant moving experience as there are many other things to deal with.

We have the resources to help you with moving house cleaning in Säter, around Säter or elsewhere. When we help you with your move, you can rest assured that we have insurance to cover you in case something happens. We also provide a quality guarantee on all assignments we undertake.

So how much can a move-out cleaning cost, you might ask. The price varies mainly with the number of square meters of living space or local area, but other parameters that affect it can be if there are a lot of windows, such as in a conservatory. Now, there won’t be a huge difference, but it could be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on how it looks.

Today we have the RUT deduction via the Swedish Tax Agency that reduces the cost of labor by as much as 50%, which is very beneficial. RUT includes a lot of other services related to moving, so feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Feel free to ask us for a quote, a question about cleaning, if you want to hire us directly or anything else.

We are also available as a moving company Säter

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Move-out cleaning Säter

Some examples of what is included:

Window cleaning all sides

Cleaning the stove

Cleaning behind all white goods

Bathroom incl. the well and behind the bathtub

Vacuuming and wet wiping of all floors

In all rooms, windows, doors, moldings, radiators, wardrobes, walls, lamps and floors are cleaned and polished. The entire kitchen is cleaned such as the stove, plates, freezer, fridge, fan, dishwasher, and cabinets and drawers. In toilets and bathrooms, we clean the bathtub, shower, toilet seat, sink, floor drain, etc.

We make sure that the cleaning is approved and, in the unlikely event that there are any remarks, we take action until the cleaning is approved!

Serious, efficient and professional move-out cleaning in Säter

Private individuals

Our goal when we work with move-out cleaning or other services is for our customers to be completely satisfied with us and our efforts. We dare to say that we have succeeded quite well with it as our average rating via Google is very good and amounts to 4.7 out of 5.0, which we are incredibly pleased with.

So you can rest assured that your move-out cleaning will be approved if you hire us. But if, despite our high level of ambition, there are any minor issues, we will fix them at no extra cost to you.

If you are thinking about hiring someone or if you are going to do the work yourself, we recommend that you get a quote from us so you can think about it in peace and quiet. Keep in mind that the RUT deduction reduces the price by 50%, which we clearly specify in the quote you receive from us.

If you are looking for a moving Moving company Säter, we can also help you with your move!

A warm welcome to us at Flytt & Städfix in Säter!

A professional move-out cleaning in Säter

Companies, municipalities and other public clients

We often help companies, municipalities and anyone else who has a need for move-out cleaning in Säter or perhaps elsewhere. We are efficient and meticulous in our cleaning, so expect top-notch results.

In addition to move-out cleaning, we have a variety of other services that may be of interest to you. If you have other related needs, please contact us and together we can come up with a good arrangement at a reasonable price.

We are also flexible and are happy to help outside regular working hours if needed.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB
Move-out cleaning Säter

Extra advantageous with the RUT deduction

It is important to note that the RUT deduction, which is funded through the tax bill and administered by the Swedish Tax Agency, reduces labor costs by as much as 50%. The same applies to a variety of other household services that include moving.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about RUT and what applies. You can also read more via the following link.

Read more about RUT via this link


Our company is insured for your and our security

As a serious company in cleaning, we are of course insured, which gives both you and us a sense of security when we carry out an assignment. Even though we are insured, we are of course still very careful when helping you with your cleaning or other moving services.

Flytt & Städfix Mälardalen AB in Säter.